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The UNIQLOLLIPOP Project_Campaign Design

Experience Design/Product Design



Project: Experience Design

Role: Experience Designer, Products Designer, Photographer        





The UNIQLOLLIPOP Project is a campaign to enhance and improve the marketing influence of UNIQLO in the New York area. Lollipops are colorful, fresh and sweet and this is the image that UNIQLO presents in its current summer marketing campaign. 

UNIQLO is searching for a strategy to better combine their offline store platform with their online shopping one. These coupons would be very easy and economical to use on UNIQLO’s online platform. 



Uniqlo New York needed some help with their marketing challenge for a brand to be global and yet feel local is no easy feat, as well as the challenge to align with Uniqlo’s global marketing strategy on creating an integrated digital retail experience and innovation


  • Apply UNIQLO’s strategies to this campaign

  • Also apply new strategies to this campaign



User Experience


Final Deliverable

I created a cohesive and viable brand campaign, including final design, identity and packaging.


Lollipop Tag was designed to use at clothes store such as UNIQLO. By putting coupons in lollipops customers are invited to an interesting, sweet, surprise shopping experience at UNIQLO. While enjoying their lollipops, customers will discover the coupons that have a QR code. The code can be scanned on their cell phones in order to get the promotion.  So, colorful, fresh, sweet, lollipops are matched with colorful, fresh, sweet clothing.