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Design thinking / Visualize / Prototype



In order to build a public perception of women as an equal and significant part of the veteran community in the United States, I designed #SheServed Campaign, a design concept designed by myself & my team that includes two design proposals aimed at changing the way people “see” women veterans.




Team:  Alexia Cohen, Teng Yu, William Crum, Kevin Cook, and Antriksh Nangia

Project: Design Research, Product Design, Experience Design, Branding

Role: Design Researcher, Visual Designer, Photographer

Special thanks to: Lawrence Abrahamson for the guidance and support.



Design Steps

Design Steps



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Jiani_She Served_Research-driven .001.jpeg


Rapid Prototyping

Here the designers created a tangible prototype to investigate these insights more fully—designing a highly-researched (and playable) board game that takes players through the user journey of Active Duty, and then through Veteran Life. (Gameplay reveals countless obstacles in both; the deck is indeed stacked against women.)



Jiani_She Served_Research-driven .001.jpeg

The majority of the subsequent work centered on the designers’ creation of SheServed—a brand, campaign, organization, collateral, and website for women vets—along with it’s first “interactive” initiative, the Postcard Stories Campaign.

The team was very inspired by the “Live Strong” campaign and bracelets, which together raised both public sensitivity to cancer—along with donation funds for cancer research. “With SheServed, the managing organization puts out the messaging materials to vets and to the general public, telling them about the initiative and driving them to purchase the branded materials,” the team reasons. “In turn, the funds collected are given to organizations that support female vets.”

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