Product design / Interaction design / UX /UI


Product design / Interaction design / UX /UI


MOMO is an advanced interactive robot designed to help people express themselves. Users who have trouble communicating their emotions can use MOMO to get professional advice. MOMO will help them build the skills they need to communicate their feelings, and provide feedback as they progress and improve.

Since I found myself struggling with this problem, I started to explore this field and found that my pain point was shared by a lot of people, which encouraged me to continue this project. Basically, I was inspired to create this design by my personal experience. MOMO’s shape just popped into my head: a warm, cute, touchable toy that feels like a friend. I also noticed that people who have this pain point like to write about their emotions, so I came up with the idea of designing MOMO-shaped greeting cards which you can carry in your pocket and give to other people with your handwriting every time you want to say something that is uncomfortable to say. When I realized MOMO the toy can’t always be with me all day, MOMO the APP was created, which can help h as MOMO the toy in a digital way.

MOMO works by using several advanced sensors to monitor and interact with the user. For example, MOMO can recognize body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate,  and respiratory rate and harness that data as its coaches its users to share their lives with others. Using tactile sensors, MOMO knows when it is being stroked or when users are nervous and clutching it tightly. MOMO can detect users emotional states using cues such as facial expression, vocal intonation, and word recognition.

Imagine a student too shy to reach out to her professor. If she told MOMO about her dilemma, MOMO would read the situation and might advise her to send a thank you note to the instructor or invite him out for coffee, depending on her emotional state. MOMO cares! It is always looking out for its users, and the advice it gives depends on their emotional state.


After MOMO listens to the user and reads her emotions with its sensors, it uses the information to intelligently comfort and advise her. An accompanying MOMO app presents users with statistics on their wellness, and provides a digital version of MOMO.