UX / Product Designer

Career Day




Project: Experience Design, Branding

Role: Experience Designer, Design Research, Photographer   



In the United States, college students change their major often. Thirty-three percent of undergraduate students who started college between 2011 and 12 changed their major at least once over the next two years. Almost a third of first-time college students will change the original major they choose at least once within three years.

With the concern that college students changing of majors wastes their time and money, I sought to explore how design could help this situation.

Career Day is a service that provides a one-day augmented job shadowing experience. The service aims to help college students understand their dream job better by matching them with professionals, who become their mentors for a day.

I sought to form a partnership with colleges’ career development centers through Career Day. The idea is that a college student would go to their career development center to consult with a career counselor about changing their major, and exploring a different career path. This is how it would go: The student can access the service for free through their school’s portal. After entering their current major and desired career, the website will provide the student with the choice of several times for the one-day experience, the student will then receive a Career Day experience box, which will include an “ice-break card,” customized pins, a notebook, and a pen. She will also receive an invitation card with details of the experience that is to take place.



During my user group research, my interviewees Leo and Chai expressed interest in this idea. I connected Leo with Krithi to experience a day of being a singer, and Chai with Anagh to experience a day of being an illustrator.